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Capture Every Angle

Capture Every Angle

Med World Live provides medical device companies with a unique way to deliver video content for training & education, marketing and sales enablement. We record and stream multiple angles through our portal, allowing us to provide a dynamic learning environment—even capturing direct feeds from imaging equipment as needed.

Our Proprietary Company offering is, simply put, a video library licensed and branded for an individual company to showcase their content and deliver it exclusively to the user audience of their choice.  Proprietary  customers have complete control over the content hosted within their portal and the way that content is organized.  They also have the ability to assign access as they see fit by controling the user population.

The Med World Live portal technology is flexible, in that it can be applied in different ways to meet the needs of different companies.  This versatility allows us to custom tailor our solutions for each customer we partner with.  The way our customers apply our unique platform is limited only to their imagination.


The possibilities of this powerful online training platform are limitless and we plan to expand into other Med World Live capabilities such as live training in the future.  Being able to provide this type of training on demand with the interactive and multiple views coupled by the related documents and videos, is parallel to none.  The technology is invaluable, flexible and a value add to our current education and training programs for all of our target audiences.  Our sales reps are excited to have these videos on their tablets and phones as a sales tool.”


Susan Davis
MWL Customer & Medical Device National Sales Training Manager 


  • Train internal team members and field sales teams via the interactive, multi-angle portal for a "just like being there" experience.
  • “Live Proctor” training sessions: utilize the video content in the portal for webinars to speak through a procedure or demonstration with reps and/or customers.
  • Offer top customers the option to download hardsets of procedural videos for quick clinical "refresher" training via our offline app.
  • Provide access to physicians after training courses for ongoing learning and continued access.
  • Save costs on new hire training by handling more training segments through the portal, and track usage via weekly analytics reports.
  • Link with your current LMS to pair the visual learning aspect with the testing/quizzing component.


  • Use the portal as an extension of your sales & clinical specialist teams.  In-service videos, demos and procedural content can all be delivered to your current customers via the portal, freeing reps up to grow new business in their territories.
  • Increase exposure within hard to reach facilities or value analysis committees by offering access to your portal.  Viewers can email directly from the video with questions and you can use your weekly reports as follow-up leads for reps.
  • Enable your sales force and distributor reps by addressing the four elements of holistic sales enablement:
    • Content, Tools & Technology, Process and People
  • Sales Enablement drives revenue by directly impacting the ability of a sales team to close more deals & retain happier customers.

Your Sales Team is your lifeline
We enable them to function at the height of their ability, set the bar higher and reach NEW heights.

Sales Enablement



  • Showcase your multi-angle videos as a part of your exhibit at trade shows and conferences; play it on a monitor and let potential customers interact with the content on tablets.
  • Use the detailed analytics to see who's viewing your content and which supporting collateral they are clicking on to give you better visibility into how your content is being utilized.
  • Put your KOL & customer testimonials to work.  Video interviews give your success stories a voice, increasing their value immesurably.
  • Host Live-Streaming events for new product launches, contract launches, campaigns and initiatives to get your message out immediately; and keep recordings available for continued access.