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Med World Live was founded in early 2011 to introduce our technology solution in the healthcare space for improved training and costs savings.  We began working with medical device companies, building video content to be delivered to their sales teams, internal staff and customers through our innovative 4-angle video portal. We quickly learned that while the technology was developed with the purpose of helping customers reduce cost and improve training, it has the capacity to do much more than that.   Above and beyond the value of training & education, the Med World Live solution also empowers field sales teams by addressing all four elements of holistic sales enablement, driving growth for our customers—AND it delivers improved product & procedure instructional content to medical professionals for better patient outcomes. 

Our relationships with our clients taught us that our technology can be applied in numerous ways to help yield better results, and it was through these contacts that we developed our supply-chain focused solutions.  Our GPO solution is designed to benefit all stakeholders in the medical device value chain by improving access to critical information, helping streamline hospital Value Analysis processes and ultimately, speeding up product adoption.



To transform the way information is delivered in the healthcare industry by getting the right content to the right people—right when they need it; empowering device companies, healthcare systems and supply chain organizations to make better use of their resources and improve performance.


Guiding Principles:

Partnership: Prioritize customer partnerships & everything else will follow.  
We make our customers’ needs the focus of everything we do. 

Intention: Act intentionally & make thoughtful decisions with the goal in mind.  
We operate with a purpose, always keeping the intended outcome at the forefront.

Creativity: Keep your mind open...innovation is born of creative thinking.
Every idea is worthy of creative consideration; this is how we evolve. 

Agility: Needs change, demand shifts and opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.
Our ability to stay nimble is what allows us to continuously improve.